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Invitation to join the monthly ENGLISH USER GROUP in January 2018

When is the next meetings? Tuesday, 30 January 2018 from 18:00-20:00
Where? Elisabeth Sechser
Coach & Consultant, Creative Design & Strategy
Sichtart e.U. Organisationsentwicklung –
Personalentwicklung – Coaching
bringing out the best together
1070 Wien | Mariahilfer Straße 112 / Top 9
+43 (0) 676 61 039 13
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Who can participate? Everyone interested in practising
English (level B2 and higher)
– in a benevolent atmosphere
– with participants from all kinds of professional
backgrounds reaching from insurance, psychotherapy,
counselling, to sports, management, teaching, …
How does a meeting work? A participant gives an input on a
topic s/he is interested in or even
passionate about – with a presentation in any
way s/he wishes. The person who prepares an
input finishes her/his input by preparing 3-5
questions in order to stimulate exchange,
discussion & sharing
. This ensures speaking
practice & achieving a more routine level of
My role: I am your language companion, vocab joker,
grammar guide, …

Are you interested? Please register via

Looking forward to seeing you!

Manuela (Schaffran)